Week 2 - Sept 30th to Oct 4th
Silks, Yoga, Flexibility, Vertical Dance, SUP tour

About Retreat Week 2

Do you know what is Vertical Dance?

is amazing art for those who love to be in the air.

The Aerial Sea Silk Retreat has organizing an incredible new Retreat with 10 hours of aerial silk practice and the 6 hours of Wall Dance for you!

Vertical Dance

Vertical dance, or popularly wall dancing, is a specific discipline of air acrobatics. It combines contemporary dance techniques with climbing skills.

This we get a completely unique way of physical expression in the air, which, because we are tied with a climbing belt around the hips and pelvis, completely frees our arms and legs, and activates the center (core). We can dance and move in all directions, on the side, upside down, we can climb up and relax down, we can perform drops, pirouettes, stands, and we can dance in two.
The workshop leader is Ana Bakšić, a longtime member of HGSS, a speleologist and acrobat on silk.

The combination of her experience and skills guarantee safely installed equipment, professional guidance from the first steps to more complicated figures on the wall or rock, and a dose of positive adrenaline.
Along with Ana, the workshop will be assisted by Maja Krčelić, kinesiologist, acrobat and contemporary dancer who will be in charge of warming up at the beginning and stretching at the end, and other members of the Triko Circus Theater who deal with this type of dance acrobatics.
No previous dance, acrobatic or climbing knowledge is required to participate in the workshop.

Aerial Classes

Aerial Silks Program

A laboratory of movement in the air and on the ground in which we explore and play, rotating, turning, inverting, twisting, falling and hanging.

The program’s main aims are for participants to enjoyably better develop:

  • vertical, aerial fabric, movement skills;

  • keys and figures that enable twists, rolls and drops;

  • strength and flexibility;

  • coordination and balance; and

  • direction turning and spatial orientation

Dana Auguštin graduate of both the Centre National des Arts du Cirque, France (2008) and the Academy of Fine Arts, Slovenia (2005), proactively engaged in the field of circus arts performance and education, teaching, organising and leading workshops; choreographing and performing.

Week 2 – Sept 30th – Oct 04th, 2021
Silks, Yoga, Flexibility, Vertical Dance, SUP tour


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850€ per person
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two single beds per room with bathroom 
(2 people per room).



600€ per person

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1 queen size bed with private bathroom and small kitchen 

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Week 2 – Sept 30th – Oct 4th, 2021

Limited spots available!